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          FORECLOSURE INC.        
Rivera & Rivera Act Against Foreclosure Inc. is Non-Profit Tax-Exempt Organization Community Assistance and Sevices Organization serving the needs of individuals in our Community.
OUR MISSION using the power of collaboration with progressive grassroots Organizations, Churches, and Human Services Agencies, to connect the vast resources to assist those in need in their local communities and to enable people to help themselves.
On June 1st 2011, a strong, large, and long-lived Tornado left a swath of devastion through Hampden County into Worcester County in Western Massachusetts.  The Tornado proved to be unusually persistent, remaining on the ground for one hour and ten minutes along a path 39 mi (63 km) long,the second longest on record in Massachusetts.  The damage path reached a width of 0.5 miles (0.80 km).   The City of Springfield was devasted by the June 1st  2011 Tornado, as was the Southern portion of the Springfield Metropolitan Area--  from Westfield to Charlton.
Because of the Massive Devastation, compasionate individuals and businesses from near and far opened their hearts and billfolds to offer help. Thus Rivera & Rivera Act Against Foreclosure Inc. outreach services began to provide clothes and personal Hygiene Items to victims and began to serve home cooked meals to the victims of the tornado and others as well.  We served over 740 individuals and also assisted about 40 families in apartment search, and also help supply furniture with avaliable donations, donated by Rivera & Rivera Act Against Foreclosure Inc. and others in the Community.
Our outreach services also include clothing donations to the Prospect House Family Shelter for children and their families.  Referrals for food, housing, Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, After Incarceration Program [A.I.P] for Women, includes volunteer work.  Health and HIV/AIDS awareness.  Our SCHOOL  H.U.G.S.  PROGRAM. 
For More Information in regards to any of these Programs Contact Marisol R. Feliciano
Paula R. Rivera
[Se Habla Espanol] 413-732-7487
Our newly formed Youth Outreach to the Elderly comprises of monthly visits to selected nursing homes distributing, hand-made paper mache flowers displaying inspirational message to remind them that they are loved and not forgfotten.
Further Rivera & Rivera Act Against Foreclosure Inc. will be ready as a First Responder when another Disaster such as EarthQuake, Hurricane, or Tornado is experienced.  Funding for Outreach Services will continue to operate by funding from various donations.
Secondly, in a calmer atmosphere, Rivera & Rivera Act Against Foreclosure Inc. will be involved in other charitable, humanitarian and educational opportunities.  Dysfunctional families are everywhere awaiting someone to care and lend a helping hand.  We are committed to be there and make a difference in many of these families.
The main thrust of our activity has been Tornado Related.  Assisting the Community as many non-perishable goods were received to assist those having disaster related needs.  therefore, yes, we have provided to individuals.  No individual was turned away and we think we worked well in getting the help to the grass roots.  Many individuals had no other place to go for food, water, and the basic supplies.
  • Food              Clothing           Housing
  • English Classes                  Foreclosure
  • GED            
  • Petition to seal [Seal your Record]
Future Programs to Address Needs in Four Principal Areas:
  1. Food Security
  2. Housing Stability
  3. Emergency Humanitarian Services
  4. Health HIV/ AIDS
Our Organization is based on the belief that Everyones' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs.  As a result, we have been working hard to help  by raising funds by all means to exercise these projects, and we are Looking forward to receive any Monetary Support from the Community to help Support our Programs so that we are able to help those in need.   
We are also seeking volunteers if interested please feel free to
Contact  Paula or Marisol @ 413-732-7487 or someone at the front desk will take down your information.  we need you so do not hesitate to call.
 We  welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service we can provide you with.

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